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Oct 20, 2010

IMTA kelps at the Farmed Seafood Extravaganza in Calgary, October 20, 2010

For the second year, the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) organized its Farmed Seafood Extravaganza. This year the event took place in Calgary, Alberta, at the Catch Restaurant and Oyster Bar.

Executive Chef Kyle Groves prepared twelve succulent recipes showcasing the quality, freshness and diversity of seafood farmed in Canadian waters, including gallo and blue mussels, Manila clams, Pacific, Atlantic and Malpeque oysters, Atlantic salmon, halibut, sable fish, Arctic charr, tilapia, steelhead trout, and, of course, IMTA kelps!


- 1 lbs IMTA kelps (Saccharina latissima), rinsed well and chopped
- 8 oz red quinoa
- Citrus segments from 4 oranges and 4 red grapefruits
- Reserved juice from the oranges and grapefruits


1. Marinate the chopped IMTA kelps in the juices from the citrus for 2 hours
2. Drain the IMTA kelps well and pat dry
3. Meanwhile cook the red quinoa in salted boiling water until tender
4. Drain the quinoa and cool completely
5. Mix the quinoa, marinated IMTA kelps and citrus segments in a bowl
6. Drizzle olive oil into the salad to help it stick together and for body
7. Season the salad with salt and pepper
8. Serve on canapé spoons or in a decorative bowl


Kyle Groves
Kyle Groves, Executive Chef of Catch Restaurant
and Oyster Bar in Calgary.